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Roz Savage rows the Indian Ocean

Roz Savage is a British ocean rower and environmental campaigner. She has rowed over 15,000 miles, taken 5 million oarstrokes and spent over 500 days at sea. When she set out to cross the Indian Ocean solo, she brought the world along with her.

Roz’s bid to row 4,000 nautical miles from Fremantle in Australia across the Indian Ocean started in May 2011 as a means to raise awareness about marine pollution. Lasting five months, the journey rounded off the “Big Three” – the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans – making Roz the first woman in history to complete this feat.

Onboard the daily routine was 12 hours of rowing divided into three-hour stints with hour-long rest breaks between each. Even if you have a tendency toward seasickness, you could join Roz virtually for the journey.

Roz arriving in Honolulu, Hawai after rowing across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco, completing Stage 1 of her solo row across the Pacific Ocean. (Photo courtesy of Phil Uhl)

"I used to be a "normal" person - just another London office worker. But somewhere, deep down, I felt that life was passing me by. So I mustered my courage, grabbed hold of life with both hands, found a passion to pursue, and although my life now is crazy and unpredictable, I've never been happier." -Roz Savage, Adventurer, Environmental Campaigner and National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year in 2010

Roz uses Google Fusion Tables, which is a place in the cloud for data tables. She can upload and map large amounts of geographic data, tasks that on voyages past would have required a developer.

In addition to filtering, aggregating, mapping points, lines, or polygons and exporting to Google Earth, with Google Fusion Tables you can integrate different data sources, collaborate with others on columns, rows, and cells, and visualize your data in lots of other ways. With easy-to-use technology like this, anyone (not just intrepid solo ocean-goers) can bring the world along on journeys big and small.

Roz completed her journey at the beginning of October, 2011. Congratulations to her on an impressive accomplishment! She is now hanging up her oars, having rowed a total of 15,000 miles, spending over 500 days at sea, and taking over 5 million oar strokes. She will continue to use her adventures to campaign for a greener, cleaner future. To keep up with Roz's amazing journeys, check out her website.

With Google Fusion Tables, you could virtually follow Roz's journey across the Indian Ocean.